Trip To Alaska – Prologue


 The Last Frontier

 Gail and Paul Harren


In just a few short days we will be leaving for our planned vacation destination of Alaska.  We have been looking forward to this trip ever since we began talking about it one year ago.  Although the goal is reaching Alaska, we plan on stopping at any sites and communities along the way that tweak our interests.  Since we are now both retired, we are really “foot loose and fancy free” to take the time to see whatever we want and not be held to a schedule to be back home at any particular time.  Our expectation is to put four months into this travel and experience what this country and western Canada have to offer.

We are not unfamiliar with long trips since we did take the summer of 1984 to travel from Long Island to the Pacific coast and points in between.  This vacation was two months in length.  At that time, we also did it in an RV.  There were six of us and our dog and we all returned none the worse for wear.  Over the years that passed since then, we have often reminisced over the interesting experiences, enjoyments, and the fun that we all had.

We are planning to leave on Saturday, May 30, arriving in Alaska by mid-June, good Lord willing, and return sometime in September.  Daily entries will be made to this blog and include interesting pictures of the day.  Of course, we may not always have daily internet access so there may be times when there will be an absence of entries to then be followed with accumulated entries.

For now, on to the last frontier!


Final days of preparation.