Day 1, 5/30/15


Saturday, May 30, 2015

Weather:  partial cloudy, temperature 88

Our target date for the start of the Alaskan trip has been achieved.  We had planned on an early departure this morning but the hands of the clock moved faster than we did.  We pulled away from home at approximately 1:30 pm. and headed for the Garden State Parkway.  Having checked yesterday with the Turnpike Authority to be sure that RVs were authorized throughout the Parkway, we headed north from exit 98 and proceeded to I 280.  This eventually became I 80 and the route for the rest of today’s trip.

The drive through New Jersey was very pleasant.  Since today was the first time we were traveling with a loaded camper and few of the appliances had not been used before, the day was also the maiden trial voyage.  We became pleasantly aware with the operation of the vehicle both from the handling, and power of the engine.  Even though much of the Pennsylvania travel was through the mountains, our mileage was 13 to 14 mpg.

Shortly after crossing the Delaware Water Gap, the weather began to change with the arrival of dark ominous clouds.  It was not very long that the rain began and lasted with us for the entirety of the afternoon and evening.  The only stops made were once to fuel up with diesel and once to cook dinner.

Our day ended at 10:30 where we pulled into a rest area located at North Latitude 41.202,  West Longitude -79.944 and joined other RVs and an army of trucks.

For our grandchildren who have accepted the latitude/longitude challenge, we will reveal the actual location where we have now stopped at the beginning of tomorrow’s blog.  Happy hunting in finding the actual location of these coordinates.

G & P

Heading out!
Heading out!