Day 12, 6/10/15

Wednesday, 6/10/15

Weather:  Sunny all day.  Temperatures in the 80s

The early morning sun rose over Great Falls, Montana.  We had breakfast at the Denny’s restaurant located at the service plaza and fueled the RV for the day’s travel.

We resumed our trip northward on Rt. 15 with the Glacier National Park as our intended destination.  As we neared the mountain climb, we entered the Blackfoot Indian Reservation and the town of Browning.  Naturally, we stopped in the town at a store that sold Blackfeet made products, clothing, and visitor novelties.

As we now continued the climb of the mountains again.  Although in many spots the speed limit permitted seventy miles per hour, for this northeastern driver that was pure insanity.  We went from steep climbs to steep declines, sharp turns and most of these with no warning what the road was like around the turn or as you reached the summit what to expect downward.  Of course the locals had no problem although there were crosses and flowers decorating intervals of the road.  The only real aggravating part of the drive was the driver that followed so closely that he disappeared from view of the outside mirrors.

We decided to stop at the Glacier Haven RV and Campground, N 48.36491  W 113.66320, elevation 3,850 and enter the National Park tomorrow morning.

G & P


Climbing the  mountain

Climb approaching Glacier NP

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