Day 13, 6/11/15

Thursday, 6/11/15

Weather:  Sunny all day.  Temperatures in the 80s.  Very pleasant

The temperatures during the night dropped as did the humidity level.  Sunrise brought a beautiful bright morning.  We left the Glacier Haven Campgrounds in West Glacier, Montana and continued our mountain climb to Glacier National Park.

After approximately two hours we reached the entrance to the Park N 48° 31’ 31” W 113° 58’ 48”, elevation 3,269.  Before entering, we continued another few miles to fuel the RV.  It is not difficult to find diesel fuel but, the distances between gas stations tend to become greater the further we move from populated areas.

When we turned into the main gate entrance we stopped at the visitor’s center.  It was the Canadian information center which surprised me.  However, I did come to realize that the border of Canada is only one to two miles further north and that Glacier park ends at that border and beyond that is the Canadian Park.  The visit there was very informative.  The young representative provided us with a great deal of information on Alberta and other points of interest that we would have available on our drive through Alberta, British Columbia, and the Yukon Territory.

As we moved further into Glacier Park, I found it very interesting on how you are assigned a camp site.  The fact is the site is not assigned.  You drive to the camp area in which you want to stay.  At the entrance to the chosen area, you take an envelope from a box on a notice board.  You drive through the camping area and when you find a site that delights your fantasy you simply take a marking tag from the envelope and place it on a hook located on a pole.  Then drive back to the notice board and place the amount of money inside the envelope for the number of nights that we will be staying (2).

We stopped briefly to see Lake McDonald that is adjacent to our camp area.  Since we came equipped with an inflatable kayak, our plan is to take it on its first voyage tomorrow.  The lake is quite large, beautiful, and the water is crystal clear.

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Lake McDonald

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