Day 19

Day 19, 6/1715, Wednesday

Weather: Sunny all day.  Temperatures today were in the 60s.

We left the parking area of the Walmart in Dawson Creek, British Columbia and drove a few blocks to downtown Dawson Creek.  We wanted to stop at the Visitors Center because it was there that the museum of the building of the Alaska Highway is housed.  Paul found many of the museum objects such as radio, telephone, etc. bring back memories of things that he can remember. He pre-dates the road.

In addition to the objects that date back to the 1940s, we also viewed a one hour video on the history of the building of the highway by the U.S. Army in cooperation with the Canadian government and local community. It is certainly an example of American ingenuity and determination.  When we left this museum it was much like the visit we made during the family’s cross country trip to the museum in St. Louis.  This was dedicated to the westward expansion.  When we returned to the RV and began our drive up the Alaska Highway we began to realize the work, effort, and regional impact that the construction of this highway had on both the U.S. and Canada.  We knew that we were travelling the historic road.

The remainder of the day was spent driving with only one stop to refuel.  Because of the length of the drive, it is important that we are clearly aware of the distances between service areas.  Last year, we had attended a presentation from someone who did this same drive.  One of the things that he mentioned was that every fifty miles we would find service stops that included food availability as well as fuel.  Well, we don’t know what road he actually drove but the fifty mile reality does not exist.  In fact in one part of the road there was a distance of one hundred sixty-eight miles between service areas.  Speed on the highway varied frequently due to climbes, declines, switch backs and periodic road construction.

At 7:30 pm we pulled into a service area (N 58.80190°  W -122.68020°, elevation, 1,383 ft.).

Tomorrow will be another driving day.

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Camp Walmart
Camp Walmart


Original Wooden Bridge
Original Wooden Bridge


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