Day 23

Day 23, 6/21/15, Sunday

Weather:  Partially cloudy with smoke hanging over this area due to the wildfires. The temperatures for the day were in the low to mid-seventies.

We managed to sleep through the early sunrise but were still up by 7 am.  Paul had taken the opportunity to wash the exterior of the RV since it was covered in road grime, bugs, and mud from yesterday’s drive.  When this was done we left the camp grounds in Northway, AK and headed on into Tok.  This town holds the record for having the lowest winter temperature of -71° set in January, 1965.

We finally had access to phone service so we made calls to the family to let them know that we had reached Alaska.  A number of text messages had come in for Paul wishing him a Happy Father’s Day.

We first went to the visitor’s center. Being Sunday, there was only one person working and he was kept busy.  We learned much from him and other travelers. Looked for a church but we missed the only Mass (A for effortJ).   We decided to celebrate Father’s Day by going out to lunch.  Following the crowd of cars, we went into “Fast Eddie’s”.   Food was great!

Then a quick fueling and continued up Rte. 2, The Alaska Highway, towards Fairbanks. There were many scenic overlooks but with the heavy smoke we couldn’t see far.   When we entered the town of Delta Junction we were at an important mile marker- the official END of the Alaska Highway!  We had begun our voyage on the Alaska Highway at milepost 0 in Dawson Creek, BC, Canada and now arrived at the final mile marker # 1422 miles.  This was a personal goal-check it off. Naturally, since we had our picture taken at 0, we now had one taken at this spot.

As we approached Fairbanks the smoke that was with us all day began to dissipate as we were further away from the nearby fire locations.

We joined the RV travelers at the local Walmart and relaxed for the remainder of the evening. The sun will not set here for at least a week, we were told.  And there will not be total darkness until sometime in September!  We stayed up to take a picture in this “Land of the Midnight Sun”.

G & P

Alaska State Bir
Alaska State Bird
Summer Solstice, Fairbanks
Summer Solstice, Fairbanks
We Made It
We Made It

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