Day 4, 6/2/15

Day 4, 6/2/15

Weather:  Partly cloudy all day, temperature in the 60s. 

As much as we enjoyed our short stay in Devil’s Lake State Park, Baraboo, Wisconsin, it was time to leave and continue our trip.  We rejoined Rt. 90 and continued through Wisconsin.  This is a beautiful state with flat farm lands in the east and hills in the western part of the state.  It was also noticeable that the amount of traffic was less now then when we were in the eastern states.

A few hours into the travel, we reached Minnesota.  As with Wisconsin, this state was primarily crop and cattle farms.  The beauty of the American heartland opened up before our eyes with every mile that went by.  The crops had not been planted that long ago and the corn was just rising as small plants awakening from sleep.  As we drove further west, the farm crops began to give way to wind farms.  As with many points on this part of the journey, we passed through mammoth size windmills as far as the eye could see on both the left and right.  It was a perfect spot to place these because we constantly had to battle the strong cross winds coming from the south.  The driving became laborious as the hours passed because of the constant winds that buffeted the RV.  Added to this was the additional wind impact as a semi passed.  None the less, the sheer beauty of these farm lands was worth what little annoyance that had to be endured from the winds.

During the afternoon, we decided to stop at Fairmont, Minnesota.  There was no particular reason for choosing this town except that we felt it was time to check one of the communities and also pick up some food supplies.  Fairmont is a beautiful community that boasts of having five lakes.  We met a woman in the supermarket who was interested to discover that we were passing through.  She recommended that while we were in town we should take time to drive to the nearest lake and see the beauty it offers.  We took her advice and used this lakeside beach of have our dinner.  From former trips that we have made, we often made a practice to stop in towns, sometimes get a copy of the local newspaper, chat with people and discover the things we wouldn’t have known otherwise.

 As we continued again on Rt. 90 we decided to call it a night in one of the rest areas just east of Sioux Falls.

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