Day 44

Day 44, 7/12/15, Sunday

Weather:  Rain all day with clearing in the evening.  The temperatures were in the high 50s to low 60s.

This morning began with intermittent heavy rain.  We left the campgrounds and attended Mass at the delightful parish church of St. John the Baptist in Homer.  It was a small building with a country feel.  The church was filled with attentive parishioners who provided a family friendly atmosphere.

We planned breakfast out so we could use the free wifi that is generally available at the  MacDonalds.  Since some campgrounds do not have wifi we often have to find a location with this service.

This morning we detected that we had depleted the batteries more than we ordinarily do so we needed to drive the RV for a short run to do a complete recharge.  We took the opportunity to also stop at the service station to top off with fuel.

Our last stop was at the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge Islands and Ocean Visitor Center also located in Homer.  The information presented in this center explained quite thoroughly the research being done by private and state organizations in the Alaskan and Arctic areas.  Their work is dealing with the preservation of the environmental assets of this region of the globe and, the information that is found that will have wider effects throughout our world.  We were very impressed with the in-depth and beautifully presented information that was available.  The staff gave us the location a close by eagle’s nest. Now that we’ve seen their style of nest building we will be able to pick out others that we encounter.  Prior to this trip the only nests we had seen were on eagle webcams.

When we returned to the campgrounds we again set the level condition of the RV and the stabilizing legs that maintained stability of movement when parked.  The rest of the late afternoon and evening was spent relaxing.

Depending on tomorrow’s weather forecast we may decide to leave Homer and head northeast towards the Anchorage area…or not?

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Bald Eagle Walking The Beach
Bald Eagle Walking The Beach


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