Day 46

Day 46, 7/14/15, Tuesday

Weather:  Clear in the morning, raining in the afternoon, and clear skies in the evening.    Temperature was in the 60s.

We received steady rain last night but by early morning the sun was shining beautifully.  There were two tasks that we had to take care of before too much time passed.  A call was placed to the ABC RV dealer to make an appointment to bring our RV in for some warranty work.  ABC was selected because they sold Forest River products and thus was authorized to perform warranty service on any of their motorhomes.   We registered in the Alaska Canoe Campground (N 60° 32’ 16”  W 150° 48’ 10”, elevation 247 ft.).

This was planned to be a working day for us.  It was time again to do laundry.  We took time in the afternoon to unload the main storage compartment, check all of the supplies to be sure everything was successfully surviving the trip so far, and do some rearrangement of the content.  In addition, Paul did an overall check of the RV.

By late afternoon, the rain had returned. The skies are starting to show darkness and by 10:30 pm the sky is no longer bright.  Daylight is decreasing by about 4 minutes each day.

Quiet day, no pictures.

G & P

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