Day 89

Day 89, 8/27/15, Thursday

Weather: Heavy rain all night with scattered light rain during the day. The temperature at 11 am. was 48° with the temperatures during the day remaining in the low 50s. The heavy winds from the storm continued through the day with gusts up to 35 to 40 mph. Winter in the Last Frontier is not far away.

We drove to the Visitor Center this morning to find a recommendation for a service center that could take care of the needed oil change. A staff member of the Chamber of Commerce made contact with a service center. Paul called to make sure that the required materials would be available and confirmed the bays could accommodate our 11’ 6” clearance. We have an appointment for 9 am tomorrow.

While we were at the Center, Gail purchased a DVD for Paul titled “Alone in the Wilderness”. This DVD was first seen at this Center when we first arrived in Alaska. Paul so enjoyed this that he later tried to purchase it as we traveled through Alaska. It is so popular here that gift shops could not keep it in stock. Since the Center provided wifi, we also took the opportunity to check our email and add three days of information to the blog.

After getting information at the Visitor Center, we needed to stop again to do additional food shopping to cover us for our trip through Canada. When we discussed our future travel plans we decided that we will leave Fairbanks on Saturday, beginning our return trip home on the Alaska Highway, and drive to Tok. On Sunday, we will cross into the Yukon Territory and follow the highway back through British Columbia. Then on through Alberta and then arrive in the “lower 48”.

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