Day 101

Day 101, 9/8/15, Tuesday

Weather: Clear all day with temperatures in the 70s.

It was so good today to find temperatures that were not in the 30s

Our first stop this morning was to locate the local AAA office. We wanted to check with them on what the condition of the local routes to the east. This would give us the opportunity to travel through the towns rather than taking the Interstate.

Across from the AAA office was the location to get the propane. It so happened that this was the same location that replaced the gas regulator on our way north. We stopped and thanked them again for their service last June.

We were now back on the road heading east once again. Gail made a miscalculation and that took us 90 miles out of our way. There are few roads in Montana and once the mistake was recognized, there were miles to drive to find another paved road. And it was on the day that Paul was not feeling well. We corrected our route and chose to stop for the night in Hardin, MT.

Tomorrow we expect to continue on I- 90 and be leaving Montana. The day’s drive should take us through a short portion of Wyoming and then into South Dakota.

G & P

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