Day 105

Day 105, 9/12/15, Saturday

Weather: Sunny all day with the temperatures in the 60s.

Sorry for not having a very interesting blog to read today but, we spent hours travelling.

We had an early RV breakfast and then entered on to I-90. Our intended destination for today will be La Crosse, Wisconsin. Once again, the traffic was light and moving well. We did encounter a couple of road construction sites but, this is unavoidable and didn’t slow us too much.

We stopped at a rest area along the route and met a gentleman who cleans the facilities on both the east and west bound sides. He was working hard but took some time to chat. An interesting fact about him is that he is 89 years young. He says it keeps him busy. A real pleasant gentleman! He is not an example of those who believe that early retirement is to be sought after.

Each day, we usually stop for fuel at least once. You are never too young to learn new things and selecting fuel is no different. We have stopped at some stations that have two diesel pumps. One pump is labeled “on road diesel” and the other “farm diesel”. The farm/off-road diesel is different-it is dyed red and there are no road/highway taxes added to the price since it is not used on roads. If one gets caught using the cheaper fuel on-road there are severe fines. Over the last couple of days we are finding pumps that are numbered “1” or “2”. Pump 1 is for regular driving use while Pump 2 is used in very cold winter days.

Sometime over the last couple of days we really lost track of time. During our trip, we have been in 5 different time zones. I guess we have been distracted by the traveling and not having a schedule as well as having so much fun, we did not realize that we had crossed from mountain into central time. This evening it came to our attention when we saw the discrepancy between the time on our cell phone and the time on our GPS and on-board computer. Great to be retired!

At 5 pm (or 6) we decided to stop our travel for the day and find a spot to stay in Sparta, Wisconsin ( N 45° 56’24” W 90° 49’ 57”, elevation 815 ft.)

Our plan for tomorrow is to continue east.

G & P

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