Day 107/108

Day 107/108, 9/14 & 9/15/15, Monday and Tuesday

Weather: Clear and pleasant with temperatures ranging from the 60s – high 70s

Today began early with the intention to do a final laundry that would last us until we arrived home in a couple of days. Unfortunately, although this was one of the finest campgrounds we stayed in, we discovered that there was no laundry available. Well this will have to wait until our next camping site.

Last week, an appointment had been made to bring the RV to our purchase dealer, Wilkins RV in Rochester, NY this Thursday for the remainder of the warranty work. Paul decided to call the dealer to be sure he was able to make contact with the service dept. of Forest River for the necessary approval and parts. The Forest River company is the manufacturer of our RV.  It is also located on I 90 in Elkhart, In not far past Notre Dame. When the dealer was contacted, he said that he had tried to reach the corporate representative on Friday and already this morning but had not received a response. This was not a surprise to us because we had the same problem several times ourselves during the trip.

We indicted to the Wilkens service manager that we were in western Indiana and we would need to know if the parts would be available for our Thursday appointment by the time we reached eastern Ohio this afternoon. It would be at that time that we would know to proceed on to Rochester or reschedule the appointment for a couple of weeks. This was critical because we would have to make the choice to take I-90 to Rochester or continue on I-80 for home. We also offered to stop at Elkhart on the way past and pick up the parts and deliver them with us to Rochester if needed.

The final decision was eventually made to head for home. Realizing how potentially close we were to home we decided to go for broke and drive through the night. This is not completely unusual for us. With a stop for dinner and a couple of rest area stops to catch some rest we arrived home in Brielle at 11:30 am. Our neighbor Ruth was on hand to snap our final picture, as she also took the pic that started our travel.

We are home and with it the conclusion of our journey to the last frontier.

This trip was an experience of a lifetime and we enjoyed it all including the friendly and interesting people that we had the fortune to meet along the way. We were very glad that many family members were able to join us and also experience some of Alaska.

This concludes “the blog”. We hope in years to come we will look back on the 108 days and the accompanying pictures and relive this enjoying our summer of 2015.

Total days of the trip =108

Total mileage driven = 15,336

Total diesel consumed = 1072.7 gals.

Gail & Paul signing off!

What A Great Time!
What A Great Time!


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