Trip To Alaska – Prologue

Prologue  The Last Frontier  Gail and Paul Harren   In just a few short days we will be leaving for our planned vacation destination of Alaska.  We have been looking forward to this trip ever since we began talking about it one year ago.  Although the goal is reaching Alaska, we plan on stopping at […]

Day 1, 5/30/15

  Saturday, May 30, 2015 Weather:  partial cloudy, temperature 88 Our target date for the start of the Alaskan trip has been achieved.  We had planned on an early departure this morning but the hands of the clock moved faster than we did.  We pulled away from home at approximately 1:30 pm. and headed for […]

Day 2, 5/31/15

  Day #2, 5/31/15 Weather:  temperature 70, rain and windy all day After having breakfast in the RV, we left the rest area in Harrisville, Pa. at 9:30 am.  Our plan was to drive through the day with only one planned stop and that would be the University of Notre Dame in South Bend.  However, […]

Day 3, 6/1/15

Day 3, 6/1/15   Weather:  Clear and sunny all day, temperature in the high 70s. By local standards, here in Huntley, Illinois, elevation 880 ft., we rose early.  This was due to the time change when we crossed into the central time zone.  We left the Walmart parking lot at approximately 8 a.m. and again […]

Day 4, 6/2/15

Day 4, 6/2/15 Weather:  Partly cloudy all day, temperature in the 60s.  As much as we enjoyed our short stay in Devil’s Lake State Park, Baraboo, Wisconsin, it was time to leave and continue our trip.  We rejoined Rt. 90 and continued through Wisconsin.  This is a beautiful state with flat farm lands in the […]

Day 5, 6/3/15

Day 5, 6/3/15 Weather:  Rain in the morning and clear in the afternoon, temperature in the 60s. Now that we are in the mid-west, we are taking more time to enjoy what each of the states have to offer.  We departed the rest area in Adrian, Minnesota and again proceeded west on I 90.   Western […]

Day 6, 6/4/15

Day 6, 6/4/15 Weather:  Rain in the morning, cloudy in the afternoon.  Temperatures were in the mid to low 60s. When we finished breakfast this morning, we had very definite plans of what we wanted to do today.  On departing our overnight parking location at Walmart in Mitchell, SD, we headed for the nearest Post […]

Day 7, 2015

Day 7, 6/5/15 Weather:  Rain last night and into this morning.  The afternoon was partly cloudy and threatening rain. We awoke here in Rapid City, SD to rain and the forecast that this could continue intermittently throughout the day.  Because of this, we decided to take today as a rest and relaxation day.  Our plan […]

Day 8, 6/6/15

  Day 8, 6/6/15 Weather:  Very overcast in the morning changing to heavy rain and strong thunderstorms in the afternoon.  The evening was clear.  Temperatures were in the 70s. Right after breakfast, we drove through the Black Hills to Keystone, SD.  A steep drive up the winding mountain road brought us to the Mount Rushmore […]

Day 9, 6/7/15

Day 9, 6/7/15, Sunday Weather clear, temperatures in high 70s to low 80s We left Rushmore Shadow camp grounds at 9:30 and drove a short distance to Ft. Hays for breakfast. Similar to the dinner of the other evening, this was chuck wagon style, pancakes, biscuits and sausage, coffee or tea. Again we had the […]

Day 10, 6/8/15

Day 10, 6/8/15, Monday Weather was clear all day.  Temperatures were in the high 80s. The St. Labre Mission School is located on the Northern Cheyenne/Crow reservation in Ashland, SD ( The summer staff began arriving at 7:30.  By 8:30, after having breakfast, we went into the school’s museum and met Barry.  He let us […]

Day 11, 6/9/15

Day 11, 6/9/15, Tuesday Weather: Sunny and clear all day.  Temperatures in the low 90s The day dawned clear and sunny.  We left the overnight parking area again headed west on Rt. 90.  However, this would be the day that the westward movement would take the turn to the north. A few hours out, we reached […]

Day 12, 6/10/15

Wednesday, 6/10/15 Weather:  Sunny all day.  Temperatures in the 80s The early morning sun rose over Great Falls, Montana.  We had breakfast at the Denny’s restaurant located at the service plaza and fueled the RV for the day’s travel. We resumed our trip northward on Rt. 15 with the Glacier National Park as our intended […]

Day 13, 6/11/15

Thursday, 6/11/15 Weather:  Sunny all day.  Temperatures in the 80s.  Very pleasant The temperatures during the night dropped as did the humidity level.  Sunrise brought a beautiful bright morning.  We left the Glacier Haven Campgrounds in West Glacier, Montana and continued our mountain climb to Glacier National Park. After approximately two hours we reached the […]

Day 14

Day 14, 6/12/15, Friday Weather:  Sunny and very pleasant all day.  Temperatures in the 70s This is our second day at Glacier National Park in West Glacier, Montana.  As we have moved northerly in our trip the sunrise has come a little earlier each day and sunset comes at approximately 9 pm. We had two […]

Day 16

Day 16, 6/14/15, Sunday Weather:  Cloudy, scattered thunderstorms in travel area during the day.  Temperature in the 70s. Rain had come in during the night and the outside temperature was cold.  We awoke early but by park regulations we could not turn on the generator until 8 am.  We need the generator to power the […]

Day 17

Day 17, 6/15/15, Monday Weather:  Partial sunny through the day.  Temperatures in the 60s’ The first of the workers at the Hyatt Mercedes service department arrived at 6:15 am.  By 7 everyone was there including a line of vehicles waiting to be dropped off for service.  We met with a service representative who took our […]

Day 18

Day 18, 6/16/15, Tuesday Weather:  Partly cloudy all day.  Some light rain in the late afternoon.  Temperatures in the 50s We prepared to leave the Whitecourt Lions Campground, Whitecourt, Alberta at 8 am.  As we were moving in the slider and raising the stabilizers, the manager of the campground came over to say goodbye.  Naturally, […]

Day 19

Day 19, 6/1715, Wednesday Weather: Sunny all day.  Temperatures today were in the 60s. We left the parking area of the Walmart in Dawson Creek, British Columbia and drove a few blocks to downtown Dawson Creek.  We wanted to stop at the Visitors Center because it was there that the museum of the building of […]

DAY 20

  Day 20, 6/18/15, Thursday Weather:  The day was partly cloudy with the temperatures in the 60s.  In early evening we did have heavy rain move into the area. As we have continued driving north, we have experienced the change in the length of sunlight.  For example, this morning the sun rose about 4:30 am […]